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Welcome to the light ~ Birth Photography

Congratulations on the creation of your little miracle… no matter how many little people come into the world, every single brand new little person is a touch of magic… It’s magical, and its challenging, and its emotional and it hits you right in the heart spot. Documenting the birth experience is one of those things…

‘Glow Maternity’ Photography

  Glow sessions for Preglets are all about the magical time that a woman experiences when she is bringing new life into the world.  These sessions are styled around your loveliness and your precious bump. This is the Art for Life Photography guide to Glow Pregnancy Sessions with your creative visual artist and new friend….

The Belly Art Paint Experience

    Introducing the Belly Art Paint Experience with Art for Life Photography!  A unique photographic service for preglet mamas – pregnancy photography with a twist… pregnancy photography with a dash of artistic body painting. The first thing you should know if you’re planning to book a Belly Art Paint Experience is that your pregnancy…

‘Welcome Earthside’ newborn photography sessions

If you’re reading this Congratulations are probably in order ~ either you’re expecting a little miracle, planning to expect a little miracle or you’ve just recently welcomed a little miracle to the light. Either way congratulations because your life is about to change in the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring, often challenging but always rewarding ways (even…

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