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About the Artist

"And from the Chaos of Her soul


there flowed Beauty"


~ Louise Alexandra Erskine






The important things to know about me; I am passionate about the arts, education and living in service to love. My first word was 'pretty' which says a lot about me. The three traits that I admire the most are empathy, compassion + grit. I believe in striving for excellence while being kind to yourself in the process.

And that there can be no joy in a world without Art in it.

My first camera was given to me by my stepfather when I was 8 years old

and I have documented life ever since.


A Brisbane born artist + photographer, a devoted wife and mother of three daughters, a lover of love and the ultimate romantic at heart. My body of work is inspired by an obsession with womanhood; an artistic exploration of all that it is to be an empowered woman. It has become an expression of the way I internalise my own experience as a woman in the world; my human condition, cracked wide open by motherhood and empowered by the joy and the challenges of raising three glorious women.

“when my clients see their photographs and are moved by their own image, I feel that”

Creating portraits for women that inspire confidence, and joy, is my mission. My purpose for owning a camera. When my clients see their photographs and are moved by their own image, I feel that. For so many years people have asked me, “Natasha, what do you want to photograph” and the one constant has always been “the female experience”. It’s an all encompassing thing; it’s love stories like the journey of falling in love, creating life, motherhood and raising little humans, but it’s more about the strength, the laughter, the pain, and of course the beauty that lies in all of that. You can find me documenting a ‘just because I am a woman’ portrait one day, lovers the next, a wedding after that and motherhood the day after with a glowing belly, a newly earthside babe or a mother and little person.

I feel privileged to do what I do; to be a part of the memory creating experience is humbling every time. My career in photography began with a spark of a dream and was inspired by my own personal love stories, and is the reason I get out of bed smiling every day. I'm an experienced, formally trained photographer and I've been in your 'wedding shoes' before :) so from woman to woman, bride to bride and mother to mother you know that I understand. I feel like I am living my own personal dream and I want to share your love story with the world; authentically, in colour, black and white, and intimate moments, that will be remembered in my images long after the details are forgotten. I will document the intimate thread of your story, and in the end, we'll feel like friends.

So let's chat... drop me a line and say "hi"
Natasha Thaesler

GCLT BCom DipPhoto
Founder | Principal Photographer


Master of Education (Leadership & Innovation) - Torrens University (undertaking)
Post-Graduate in Learning & Teaching - Torrens University
Diploma of Photo Imaging – CATC Design School
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) – University of Newcastle

Wellness Coach - Shakti School of Ayurveda


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