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Welcome to the light ~ Birth Photography

Congratulations on the creation of your little miracle… no matter how many little people come into the world, every single brand new little person is a touch of magic… It’s magical, and its challenging, and its emotional and it hits you right in the heart spot.

The amazing, compassionate, professional Dr. Glenda McLaren + lovely mater staff

Documenting the birth experience is one of those things where very few people ‘in the middle’ – people are either open to it and fascinated by it, or they don’t.  The beauty of being human is that we all have a right to our own experience so for those who think they aren’t interested I always say to read on and make sure you’re informed but otherwise I look forward to meeting you after your unique experience for your ‘Welcome Earthside’ newborn session.   For everyone else, let’s talk about what birth photography is really about, because it’s better than anything you can imagine!  You won’t need to take your point and shoot, or have medical staff take grainy pictures… you’ll have a professional at your side who will capture everything and will document the story for you in images that you will treasure.

In my studio I create stylised portraits, some are relaxed and intimate and others are posed and refined.  In the delivery room absolutely nothing is posed, it’s an entirely natural experience and that’s why we call it ‘documentary’ photography – exactly as it sounds, when I’m in a delivery room I am there to be a ‘fly on the wall’ and furniture in your life to document the experience as it happens in a gentle, loving way.  As a mother of three beautiful daughters I am there with you as more than a photographer, I am with you and your family and your medical team through your experience, honouring you as you bring your little miracle to the light.  My hands and my heart shake for hours after an experience like this, in some ways it bonds us all together for life, which is why its important to choose a photographer for your experience that you feel safe with, and trust.  I would love for that person to be me 🙂

Lets face it, birth photography isn’t something we can plan to the letter.  Babies run their own agenda and there’s no ‘normal’ – some come right on time, most don’t, some take their precious time and some are in the biggest rush.  When we book a session like this its with this in mind, there are several package options available and whichever way it goes we have options available to us.  This is where the experience starts… to book your session in we work on a due date, it’s the usual $100 retainer upfront, and then we wait.  We have a consultation to discuss the finer details about what you would like to see in your photographs, and yes, you can determine anything you don’t want to see as well – everyone has a different idea about what they’d like and I will take my lead from you, always.  While you’re waiting you are welcome to keep me posted, especially the second things start moving… even if its just a maybe, and no matter how many false alarms there may be, its all just part of the fun!  The more notice I have the faster I can mobilise – every time.  Depending on the package you choose, I’m either in my car at the drop of a hat or I’m on standby, organising life so that I can be there to document your experience.

If you are considering the ‘whole’ experience, I’m meeting you at the hospital, home or birth centre when you’re moving into that phase, giving you a massive hug and then I’m the fly… sometimes you’ll notice me, most of the time you won’t.  I give myself over entirely to the experience, taking directions from the powerful goddess in the room whose moment it is to shine… who will be happy to be photographed one minute and then will be ‘over it’ the next.  If I’m putting my camera down to lend a hand, I’m there with you all the way.   The job on this day is to know and sense and adapt, be needed one minute and almost invisible the next.  Our bodies are indescribably amazing, it’s truly a miracle to be able to bring life into the world, and a good photographer will understand that a labouring woman will be comfortable mostly in a warm, dark, peaceful environment to facilitate the production of all that yummy oxytocin to help with the birth, and of course low light situations can be problematic for photographers so these are all reasons to have a professional with you on the day. I often cry when I meet babies for the first time, its just who I am, but all of my usual energy and my usual direction is not present on a day like this.  If you just want those fresh moments, I can be there to come into the room when you’re ready, or, if your little person is just in a big rush to say hello, I’ll be there as soon as I can and those first few hours when you’re meeting your little person become your story.

Dr. Glenda McLaren with her wise, tender hands + the beautiful staff at the Mater

Time is so often a factor in photography, “how long will the session be” “how long will you be there for” “what sort of coverage do you offer” so it makes sense that the question of time is asked so often with birth photography.  When it comes to birth photography time is more relative… it depends on so many things but I will be there until you are ready for me to leave, and you’ll know when that is, and I’ll know when you know.  From a photographic perspective there are some moments when your little person has arrived that can be documented, if you wish on the day, and so it could be about an hour up to a few hours after delivery when I’m leaving.  Very quietly I’ll take direction from you, and your family.  I’ll often slip out and leave you to the rest of your life quietly and without fanfare, it depends entirely on what you’re feeling on the day, but I will always follow up with you the next day, without expectation of hearing back until you’re ready, just to say thank you…

The kinds of images I am looking for on the day range from the environment, to the people who share your experience, to your intimate moments together, the arrival itself and the moments that immediately following and capture your tender bonding moments forever.  If this is something you’d like to explore please check out the Collections available and if you’d like to book your experience in you can use the form below to let me know.  I will follow this up with a few key facts for birth photography.

  • Only 2-3 bookings are taken per month due to the nature of the experience and the time commitment, so please register your interest in advance
  • An image will be made available to you promptly to share with your family and friends after the birth
  • Wall art and other display products are always available as an add-on to your Collection
  • All bookings include a model release so images are available to be used in my marketing material.  Images of extreme graphic nature will not be used for marketing, its just unnecessary, so you can be confident when signing the release that it comes with an emphasis on tasteful imagery. Please advise if you do not wish to have your images used in this way.
  • A marginal, fair travel fee may apply for areas outside of 30kms from Wellington Point, QLD

Best of luck with your beautiful birthing story and I look forward to meeting so many of you in times to come.  Love Tasha T x

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