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Mummy + Me Floral Milk Bath Photography

The Mummy + Me Floral Milk Bath Photography Experience

What is ‘Mummy + Me’ all about?

A mother knows the feeling of growing life inside her, and birthing that life into the light, nurturing her child and literally giving her baby life. The bond between a mother and child is instinctive, and it’s primal, and it’s the most powerful exchange of love known to the human experience. The exclusive to Art for Life Photography Mummy + Me floral milk bath photography sessions are a colourful celebration of that bond, and of that love, and are designed to provide the kind of setting that allows the natural bond between mother and child to be the hero.

For the Mummy + Me package information you can go to the portfolio: Mummy + Me package Information

What’s included?

Every Mummy + Me session includes a mini studio session to capture images of baby, and of mother and baby, before having an adorable, floral Milk Bath filled with fresh, aromatic blooms provided by Art for Life Photography. The colour palette is personalised and all florals, and flower crowns are provided unless you prefer to bring your own. Babies adore the water so they’re more than happy to float around and be photographed (most of the time!). It’s the perfect combination of nature influenced elements that create stunning images. Timeless images that you will treasure for life. Feeding shots are welcomed, with both breast and bottle. Water your situation its a safe space and you will feel totally supported. Older children can be tailored to as well so let me know you’re special circumstances and we can talk about the best way to capture the essence of it.

What happens when I book?

Once you book your Mummy + Me photography session you will be sent a questionnaire that will begin the design process which will help us to style the perfect session for you and your little person. This will decide the colour palette and florals and its the best time to discuss any ideas you have or specific things that Art for Life should know that will help the session be amazing.

What to wear?

For the milk bath lace and whites work best because romantic and dreamy is the objective… also bare tummy options like a bra with any creative option below – even a tutu, but at a minimum a nude or white pair of knickers. I do have a couple of outfit options that will work but if you’re after something unique bring your own options. Bubba will be naked in the bath but we can also do a couple of cute wet dress shots as well in the bath. For the studio section it depends on what look you’re going for but just keep in mind that you and bubba should be wearing complimentary outfits, no contrasting colours or patterns etc. Looking through the portfolio here on the website and also across Art for Life Photography social media will show you the decisions other mamas have made and could help you decide what you would like to do.

What sort of floral design should I choose?

Blooms are my heart spot, the very first thing I wanted to photography with my old film camera was beautiful flowers, so I really believe that the florals set the tone for the whole session. The colour palette and textures especially. So its worth thinking about the colours that you love, but also the kind of colours you can see on you, in a milk bath. The options range from single toned (all white for example), to subtle pastel tones, right through bold and colourful. There’s no end to the things we could do, so have a look at the portfolio and see what catches your eye. The important thing to remember with blooms is that seasonal flowers are best. I source my flowers locally from the markets which have a great selection but we won’t get everything all the time, for example peonies (which are a fav with mamas) bloom in late Spring/early Summer and that’s it. If you have your heart set on peonies book in November or December. All of the flower crowns are handmade usually from 100% fresh flowers so you will have your very own, very unique piece crafted for you.


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How old should my baby/little person be? There is absolutely no ‘right’ time. Baby could still be in your belly, or baby could be a little person and not such a little baby anymore. Older children have even done these sessions beautifully. The way we approach the session is the only real difference. If you have time and can plan, some considerations are: if you want to feed in the session, younger babies will float around and be held in mamas arms, older children will want to do a mix of being held and playing, so if you have a preference for the type of images you’d like give those things some thought.

What if I only want the milk bath? If you would prefer not to do the studio section, or conversely if you would prefer just to have a studio session, we can tailor the experience to whatever your preferences.

Can I bring my own flower crown? Some clients have something really specific in mind for the flower crown, and sometimes for the florals, if you would like to bring your own then I am happy to accommodate that. The main consideration for this is that the whole design concept is dependent on the florals, so if you bring a crown the florals in the bath should match, and vice versa. So if you bring one you may want to be accountable for both.


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