The Wild Woman Package Since the day I became a photographer my dream was to meet women from every diverse background, with unique stories to tell, and to capture that beauty in a confidence-building experience with me. Through my Art I explore my relationship with my own femininity. To capture the raw, natural essence of our power; the vulnerability and the strength. This Art Series is a celebration of growing, changing, glorious brave babes who entrust me to bring their portraits to life to create a lasting memory. You might be a badass babe ready to celebrate your womanhood for no damn reason at all! You could be a glowing woman on the journey to motherhood, a mother wearing the stories of your motherhood journey on your body... women... this is for you; the exclusive Art for Life Wild Woman Package Your complete photography experience
including a tailored 1-2 hour photography session
15 high-resolution digital images beautifully retouched
Online viewing gallery

10 page 10x10" album $325
display art on request
Each image is a stand-alone piece of Art. Stylised retouching is used to create each finished Fine Art product.
Every woman is different - you are in control during the entire session. Each session is tailored to your taste & comfort.

From the Artist

When it was my turn, I didn't think I could do a lot of 'exposure' in my bump photos. I have a beautiful shot that I absolutely love where I am topless and elegantly covered. But I was a little too shy to do tell the full story. It's one of my biggest regrets! My body wasn't perfect, it's not so much about that, it's more that as my children have grown up that miraculous thing I did, that my body created, seems even more astounding. I wish I'd been brave enough then to do what I'd do now if I got the chance ~ plant my feet in the earth, raise my arms in salute to the sun and trust an artist to tell my story of celebration. It's my goal now to be the artist you can trust to tell your story. The artist to stand in the earth with you and salute to the sky, and create portraits that tell your story of celebration. Love, Natasha x

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