The Art for Life Photography Studio Space

est. 2012


By now you may have had a little visit on ‘The Artist’ page on the website and you might be wondering where your studio session will take place? If you’ve come to this page first you may not already know that Art for Life Photography is a home-based studio space in Wellington Point, QLD. One of the most important elements of the professional photography experience is feeling comfortable, and there’s no place better to create a relaxed, private, elegant environment than a studio space crafted with love in a home.

As a mother first and foremost my priority is striving for the ever-elusive ‘balance’ that working mamas dream of, and that decision is at the heart of all the Pregnancy + Newborn photographers I know and am inspired by. Being able to work from home is another way to juggle it all. A home-based studio is the way the vast majority of us operate, I am very lucky to have a clever husband who helps me ‘hack’ the studio with all the whims I need, like this tie rack below waiting to be filled with all my ties and headbands and bonnets as I use them.



The open plan space of the studio is light and airy and more than a little bit elegant. It’s also personalised to a tee – from the exposed brick wall used in every session, painted the perfect shade of off-white, to the strategically placed material floating around the space to create backgrounds and light manipulators, as well as textured floors and props, props, props.


Many of the props are always available, and there’s an ever-expanding collection because I’m forever creating new and artistic props and setups for unique session ideas. There’s literally no end to the amount of fresh flowers used, and flower crowns made, because nothing is quite like the aroma and texture of living blooms. And the occasional artificial blooms to compliment.




If you’ve seen the images of my exclusive Art for Life Mummy + Me experience (if you click on those words you can navigate to the Mummy + Me page) you may also know that A LOT of milk baths happen in this space. In a literal bath, not a blow up. Another amazing luxury of having the perfect home-based studio space.

What’s in the pipeline next for the Art for Life Photography Studio Space?  A personalised, perfectly tailored-to-my-needs shelving and display area – watch this space for that in the coming months. More shelves and more storage space means, more props. All are welcome and you can come and check out the space when I’m not photographing – ensure you call to arrange a time. Natasha T x

Studio hours are week days 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday for in-studio photography.

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