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Newborn Style Guide

newborn photography styling

To style your unique Newborn photoshoot the styling is important. What sort of portraits do you vibe with; natural, stylised or a bit of both? How do you envision yourself in portraits? Do you want to be in the portraits? What can you see hanging on the wall?

This page is dedicated to the 'so you've booked your photography, what now?' families.


Who will be in the portraits?

Newborn photography sessions typically (but not always) include 2 - 3 hours of photography.

This is just an average amount of time to create a full gallery.

You can choose how you would like to spend that time. Mama, Daddy + Siblings are all welcome.




One of the most common questions parents ask is 'What to wear?'

There's no 'one size fits all' for clothing so it's best to have a look at my portfolio or on google for ideas that resonate with you.

The three most common styles include: neutral colours, skin to skin poses or a pop of colour.

Skin to skin is created with as little clothing as possible from the waist up. A nude, strapless bra gives Mama's coverage during these shoots.

Neutral colours are the best recommendation for more coverage. Most parents choose between white or black (white gives a bit more pop on a black background, black creates a more subtle look (vice versa on a lighter backdrop).

Most commonly, portraits are taken from the waist up so the bottom half is less important unless you are having a full-length portrait.

Stay away from bold colours, patterns and stripes unless everyone is complimentary.

If your family has a colourful personality you can wear whatever you like - if you would love a portrait on your wall in the attire than it will work. A compromise is often a 'pop of colour'.

If you are choosing a gown from the Art for Life Closet you can find gown options on the Mama Style Guide page via this link:

The Art for Life Closet in the Mama Style Guide

Traditional / cultural options are always welcomed. If you would like to feature this in your photography we will create a style that will be tailored especially to you.

Neutral Colours

Skin to Skin

Pop of Colour


There are three styles that you can choose from for your photography:

  1. Natural - less posing, more snuggles & details
  2. Stylised - full posing including 'Anne Geddes' style creative
  3. Combination - unless you say otherwise, this is the standard approach



Family Portraits

Before your shoot, consider what kind of backdrop you vibe with for your family portraits.

Knowing which backdrops will be used is helpful to know in advance as some take time to set up on the day.



Every Mother needs to have a Motherhood portrait on a handpainted backdrop.

There isn't enough space to show examples of how beautiful these backdrops look for Fathers and Family portraits.



We will use the prop bed and studio room to create these looks which require no particular background. This 'Lifestyle' vibe is designed to make your images look as unposed as possible.



The black backdrop is designed to create bold, moody portraits. This is a favourite for the 'Dad' portrait and 'detail' shots of hands and feet.

White / Light


A lighter backdrop creates a clean & airy vibe to your portraits.



This backdrop is all about contrast & form. These images are artistic and look beautiful on the wall.



Creating beautiful portraits is ideal for some families. The type of sunlit portraits we can create depends on certain factors like the time of year (season), time of the shoot and weather.



With so many posing options available it is helpful to know what variety of poses appeals to you.

Common poses are included below.


Your Props











Composite Creations


You can choose between any of the images below if you would like to have your baby included in a composite creation.

Due to the time required to set up some 'Anne Geddes' style portraits, we photograph a backdrop once and can use it forevermore.





Gumnut Baby



Wave Bowl

Floral Swing

Hanging Wreath

Fern Baby

I V F Rainbow

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