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'Couture' Maternity Photography

"I have for the first time found what I can truly love.


I have found you."


~ Charlotte Bronte ~ Jane Eyre

All you need to create stunning portraits is a photographic storyteller with an obsession with Motherhood & Couture gowns...


A Couture 'Glamour' Maternity Photography Session styled especially for you.


~ Hello! ~


Art for Life Photography is my soul project. Creating empowered, artistic portraits that look like a painting on your wall is my ‘thing’. Inspired by my life as a mother of three beautiful daughters, the Motherhood experience is close to my heart.


My speciality is all things Glamour with my Vogue Studio & Sunlit Portraits.

I love to create a gallery ‘with everything’ ~ portraits in the studio that are stylised glamour, as well as romantic outdoor sunlit portraits in my bold and feminine style. From tasteful nudes to epic dress shots, I love conceptualizing a ‘couture’ photoshoot for my clients. It's also a whole lot more than just a photoshoot. Delivering a quality, comfortable and heartwarming experience is how I create elegant, romantic and artistic Motherhood Portraiture.


To learn more about me before your shoot you can go here to visit my 'artist page'.


Love, Natasha x


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Maternity Photography Guide

maternity photography styling

To create the maternity images of your dreams we first need to think about the styling of your photoshoot. Once you book in, we will discuss all of the fun styling details including "what to wear". You will have the option to choose from a range of stylised Art for Life Maternity Gowns & Robes, and you are welcome to bring your own. Paris & Lola are exclusive in Brisbane to Art for Life. You can read more about that on the Maternity Style Guide page.


To begin the styling of your photography, there are three options available to you: Studio Portraiture, Sunlit Photography, or a combination of both at the Art for Life location.

Studio Portraiture

The Art for Life Photography studio space is perfect for creating the 'Vanity Fair' images of your dreams. A range of hand-painted backdrops are available to create 'painting' style portraits. Portraits with a black or white background are crafted in this space. It's comfortable, private & perfect for intimate photography.

Golden afternoon light in beautiful scenery sets the perfect backdrop. On location, or at the Art for Life location in long grass with trees, these sessions are for the outdoor mamas.

Studio + Sunlit Combination

If you love both styles & can't choose between them ~ you can have it all!

The Art for Life location provides the perfect opportunity to start in the studio space & end up in the long grass at sunset. It's divine! Your gallery will be shared between stylised images in the studio & soft sunlit images.

How to Book

Step 1

Choose your style of photography + enquire using the form on this page below.

step 2

Confirm your booking using the easy online process! Pay your sitting fee. Your date is then secure.

Step 3

Style your shoot! Fill in the questionnaire + participate in your styling consultation.

Investment Details

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For more detailed pricing you can fill in the contact form below. By completing this form it will streamline the booking process. Check your junkmail folder if your email doesn't arrive within a few minutes.

Your privacy is of utmost importance and your details are for Art for Life only. Your details may be used to contact you on the odd occasion with special offers however you can opt-out any time.

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