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Mama Style Guide

Mama Photography Styles

To style your unique Maternity, Motherhood or Glamour photoshoot the styling is important. What sort of portraits would you love to create? How do you envision yourself in portraits? What can you see hanging on the wall?

This page is dedicated to the 'so you've booked your photography, what now?' mamas.

These gowns are worn by Maternity Mama's as well as Earthside Mama's (Newborn) and Glamour Mama's (Children, fur babies or no babies!). They are versatile and the majority are 'one size fits all'.

What to Wear

Once you decide what style of photography you love the next question you are most likely to ponder will be; what will I wear?

Let's tick a few things off the list straight away. The things that all mamas should bring to every session are:

  • Underwear; nude bra and knickers (this is a staple must-bring item), white and black options are always a bonus
  • If you are having a milk bath you need an extra change of clothes
  • Any special item that you would like to bring along as an option, like this beautiful piece that was worn at this mamas wedding and included in her maternity session


I recommend to all mamas to consider bringing at least one item to make your session completely unique to you. A special dress that fits you perfectly; fitted, flowy, skirt and top are all options {most mamas choose something fitted at the top at least}. An oversized shirt belonging to your partner is also popular.


Partners + children are welcome in Art for Life photography sessions. Your images should reflect your family so you can style the family attire to taste. Keep in mind that we want people to stand out, not clothes. Mama can be in the same tonal range, or different to everyone else to feature, either way, it's up to you. For 'Partner Looks' the best way to determine What to Wear is to look at the portfolio and social media images to get an idea of what other families do if you would like inspiration. Simple tones like white, black and blue shirts are most common, paired with dress pants, jeans or chinos. Bright colours are welcome if that's 'you' - the images should reflect your personality as a couple. Bring options if you are unsure.


The stunning range of unique, speciality Maternity and Mama gowns you can see in the Art for Life portfolio and on social media belong to the Art for Life Closet. These gowns can be paired with the Art for Life nude slip for the Modest Mama.

It's best to consider your top three favourites. Two gown changes is a good guide for how much time we will have on the day. It's possible we could get through three gowns if you are not having any other more intimate portrait looks.

What to Wear

Maximum two outfits that belong to you

Pressed clothes on hangers

Matching attire for everyone;

Same tonal range




What to Avoid

Stripes + patterns that are too busy

Mismatched clothing for people;

Clashing patterns + tones

Chipped paint + nails






The Art for Life Closet

Art for Life 'Couture' Gowns

Rumi + Sunburst Crown

Introducing the spectacular vintage lace, couture gown Rumi and the stunning Sunburst Crown. Worn together, or separately, these items are Art for Life originals. Rumi is a one-off gown as the vintage lace is unique for every version of her. The Sunburst Crown can be paired with any of the other gowns, or worn on her own if you dare...


A statement gown for the 'Couture Mamas'! A European creation made of the softest tulle you can imagine. A stunning, layered design with one delicate, tulle sleeve. Open at the front, this heavenly gown requires nude underwear.

Lola ~ Couture

Another statement gown for the 'Couture Mamas'! Another European creation made of the softest tulle you can imagine. A ruffled lace gown, that can tie up like a dress or be posed open. This absolutely stunning gown requires nude underwear. Charcoal coloured, that photographs purple in the sunlight.


The epic black version of Lola. Soft tulle ruffles, centre split for tummy exposure when desired, this gown is the 'LBD' of the couture collection.

Specialised Gowns

Crystal {New arrival}

A sheer robe embellished with tiny crystal beads that shimmer in the light. Beautiful in the studio, and glorious in the sunlight!


A bell-sleeve, sheer gown that is exquisite in all light. This masterpiece robe is the perfect illumination of form and shape, while adding that little slice of elegance that every mama loves.


Thea is so fresh we have only had the pleasure of experiencing her on a few occasions. The most beautiful off-the-shoulder gown, made from a luxurious, soft, textured material that catches the light.


A statement piece, this stunning gown is made from lace and sheer. We pair this with nude underwear or a nude slip underneath for modesty, where necessary. Off the shoulders with kitten sleeves, it is fitted with a long train. A nude, strapless bra is required. Medium size in a stretchy material.


Elegant and modest, this masterpiece is fully lined, off the shoulders with beautiful bat sleeves and a train. Medium size in a stretchy material. A nude, strapless bra is required for this gown.


The ultimate 'flick shot' gown. An open, sheer gown, with two lengthy pieces of material perfect for creating movement and texture. A nude, or pretty pair of knickers and a nude strapless bra are required for this gown. This gown can be used as a skirt with a pretty bra or midriff top combination.


A golden, yellow, mustard glamour creation for mamas who love a little colour pop! A full gown coverage with a shoulderless ruffle to complete the elegance. A nude strapless is encouraged for this gown.


This gown is showcased in the image collage that appears first on this page.

Open at the front, this gown can be worn as a dress or a skirt, quite often as a mixture. This allows for bare stomach poses. One of two gowns used for 'the flick' shot with a length of soft, sheer, material. A nude, strapless bra and nude, white or pretty knickers are required for this gown. Mamas who choose this gown are encouraged to bring along a unique bra or midriff top option to match. Below is an example of Evie over the top of Skylar.


A signature piece, this tight fitted dress is sheer lace. We pair this with nude underwear or a nude slip underneath for modesty, where necessary. A nude, strapless bra is required for this gown.


One of the 'ladies' of the range, this pastel piece is absolute perfection. Open at the front, it's one of the non-sheer pieces for the more modest mama. Kitten sleeves for that touch of elegance. A nude, strapless bra is required for this dress along with nude or pretty knickers.


A really gorgeous texture, this gown is just a statement piece. It's sheer but it can be paired with a nude slip, nude knickers + bra or tight white dress underneath. It's not tight so the sheer lace combination work to create a romantic silhouette.

Range of Robes

For a little hint of lace and elegance you can choose from a range of sheer robes. These pieces are most commonly used in milk baths but are a beautiful option for studio and location portraits.

Tulle creations

Subtle elegance with a tulle creation is a studio favourite. A personalised tulle creation can be styled especially for you from several tulle textures.

material creations

Personalise your portraits with a choice of glamorous materials available in various tones and textures.

original outfits mamas bring

You can create a totally personalised experience by bringing options of your own. Here are some examples of other Mama's and some of the special items that they have included in their portraits.

Milk Bath

For the water loving Mama's who would also like a studio session.


Here are some gorgeous examples of Motherhood Milk Bath Mama's and their floral designs.

Hair + Makeup

The glorious portraits that will be created at your session will be memories to cherish for a lifetime, and for your children's lifetimes. Think of your photoshoot as a whole day, especially for you. A moment for you to pamper yourself and feel good from the inside out. Go to a spa, get that facial, get your nails done, get your hair and makeup done (if that's your thing). Or, have a warm bath with bubbles and come with moisturiser and no makeup at all. Whatever makes you feel good. If you feel good then you're one step closer to those beautiful images.

There are two kinds of 'Glam' maternity mamas: the ones that already have a styling team and those mamas arrive with their hair and makeup already gorgeous, and then there's mamas who will be doing something special this time and would love a glam team to help with that. For those mamas, a hair and makeup artist package can be added to your shoot for $300. Your stylist will create your look before your shoot at the Art for Life Photography Location. It takes about an hour and a half (longer for an up-hairstyle) so this is added to your booking prior to your shoot time. If you would like to add this on, please let me know via email.

You can read all about the 'Glam' options by clicking this link: Glam with Art for Life

Natasha x

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