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Hair & Makeup

"The best colour in the whole world

is the colour that looks best on you"

~ Coco Chanel

The Perfect Glam Sets the Tone

Glamour Maternity Photography with Art for Life is so much more than just a 'photo shoot'! Your photography will be an entire experience - how many times do you get to wear couture? We are celebrating you on your shoot day, so take the whole day and pamper yourself. When you look good, you feel good. So get your hair and makeup styled by an artist. Get your nails done as well!

For some mamas, you will have a glam team of preference and you will want to come ready for your shoot. We can get straight into your photoshoot and have a ball! For everyone else, finding a glam team is part of the experience. If this is you, I have the perfect team of artists who will come to my studio location on the day to complete your ideal 'look'.

This page will help you decide on the perfect look for you. From my brilliant Hair & Makeup artists to examples of Hair and Makeup styles. You can 'add' Glam on to any booking for $300 when booking or you can email me any time. I will need one week's notice if you'd like to add Glam.

Read on mama and choose your Glam.

Meet the Artists

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with many talented Hair and Makeup artists. Every mama is unique and so are artists. When you choose your style it helps me book the right artist for you. Each artist has a link under their profile so you can head to their socials and see their portfolios and bask in their talent.

Your Style...

To help with choosing your Glam Style you can have a look through all of the images on my page, my website, and socials and see what other mamas have chosen. Pay attention to what you think works for other mamas and feel free to get in touch any time if you would like to talk about what would suit you and your shoot best. Most of all, have fun with it! Think about what you would like to look like in a portrait on your wall...

Makeup Styling

There is a perfect 'makeup style' for every mama. Whether you love the barefaced natural glow or the full glam heavy eye, there is an option for you. If you are going to splash out on one service over another, makeup is the one I would recommend.

TIP: Makeup for portraits is usually heavier than you would usually wear because of the photography. For that reason, you can choose a style that is a little further than you would usually wear. Keep that in mind when you decide.

Decide if you would like shimmer or matte for your eyeshadow and consider this before you arrive on the day.

Natural Glam

This is for the Glow mama who wants that fresh, minimal look. Neutral tones, light eyes, and a shimmer finish.

Full Glamour

This look is for the Glam mama who loves a heavy eye. This look is ideal for mamas who want to look like they're wearing makeup.

TIP: 'Sunlit' lighting mutes makeup, so you can afford to go a little heavier with your makeup if you want a 'makeup look' in sunlit portraits.

Natural with a little more

If you are thinking you love the Natural style but want a little more than barefaced and shimmer, you can choose this 'natural with a little more' look. This includes a mid-tone eye and a little lip pop.


Who was it that said "New hair is as good as a holiday?"

Whether you are a hair up or down style mama, your perfect look can be completed with the perfect hairstyle.

Down Styling

By far the most popular look, the 'down style' is a beauty. Some versions of this look include straightened, crimped, or the most popular 'waves'.

Half-Up Styling

The perfect balance between an upstyle and a downstyle. The flexibility of this style is a go-to for mamas who would like some control of their hair.

Up styling

If you have a style you love or a vision for your styling, you may have an upstyle you would love to have created. Some mamas feel they have uncontrollable hair or look better with it out of their faces, so this is the look for you.

TIP: Portraits are almost always taken from the front or the side. If you choose an up look that is centered at the back, it may not feature prominently in your images. You will mostly be photographed from the front and you can see from these examples what most of your images will feature of your upstyle. If you would like your styling to be featured, a bun at the top of your head is recommended.

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