The Belly Art Paint Experience


Introducing the Belly Art Paint Experience with Art for Life Photography!  A unique photographic service for preglet mamas – pregnancy photography with a twist… pregnancy photography with a dash of artistic body painting.

The first thing you should know if you’re planning to book a Belly Art Paint Experience is that your pregnancy photography experience is going to be a unique, personalised session that will involve having your very special belly painted and your portrait taken.  You will have a 1.5 hour booking with the very talented and qualified artist and mother of two Bryony, followed by a 1 hour photographic session with Natasha, Art for Life creative.

The Belly Art package includes:

  • Your personalised design based on a range of options and approved by you
  • Your time with the artist creating your unique painted piece
  • The fun pregnancy photographic session with me (1 hour of ‘you’ time)
  • 5 high resolution digital images via download (see image below for example)

Your investment is $490 and you can upgrade to ‘all session images’ for an additional $300 – and there are usually A LOT of images which you’ll see after your session. Regular bookings are week days; weekend bookings can be made available for a $100 fee.

When you book a Newborn session at the same time you will receive a $90 discount on your Newborn session package…

The full pamper experience…

At this time you’re probably thinking “Do I do my own hair and makeup or will it be done there” – great question.  The artist isn’t able to paint you while your makeup is being done so due to timing issues we don’t offer it as part of the general service. We do however offer an upgraded Pamper Belly Art packages with our skilled and wonderful Hair and Makeup team, these packages are below:

  • $650 for the Belly Art service and 1 additional service (hair or makeup)
  • $690 for the Belly Art service and both additional services (hair and makeup)

If you would like to upgrade your package please let me know in advance and I can arrange for this to happen on the day.

Now for the fun stuff…

This is the part where we begin to style your session… together we will choose a design concept that reflects who you are and what you like. We’ll design your paint – the where and what, and from there I can create a visual scene to match the theme for your photographs (the backdrop).

To style your session we send you a questionnaire and together we will create a concept that you’ll love. We have a few of our previous designs to give you an example of what you can choose, what we can use as inspiration, or just the kinds of things that work if we are creating an entirely personalised and unique piece for you.

Mural designs are whole coverage designs across the belly.  These designs require a bare area from the belly around to the sides (free from already beautiful tattoo artwork) to be successful and aesthetically pleasing.  Murals are often embellished with paint on other areas of the body but the core design is a whole coverage belly paint.

All other painted artwork that is more abstract in nature is considered body art, and is styled around tattoos.  These designs can be small and subtle, or they can stretch from an arm all the way down the belly to a leg in one fluid design.

There is a range of premium options as well; fees depend on the time and cost involved for the additional fee.

Here are some examples of body art designs which can come in subtle, half belly, full belly or full body designs:

Our lace design:


Our mural designs come in many different styles and are developed from concepts that are fun and creative:


We can even develop our art to other experiences beyond pregnancy:


Partners + Little People Info

One more important thing to cover for your unique Belly Art Experience, the standard belly art sessions are designed as a pamper experience for the preglet only.  If you wish to have your partner join you there is an additional $50 fee, and at least 1/3 of the images will be dedicated to couple shots if you book for a partner. These sessions do not ordinarily include children due to the logistics of working with little people. As artists and professionals our first priority to you is to ensure the quality of the service so we have set these limitations to maintain the standard we consistently deliver. If you would like a session on a day specifically for you, where we can do a range of shots of you, you and your partner, your other children, with the paint and without, please book a Glow Pregnancy Session instead and ask for the $150 paint upgrade. The Glow sessions take the same amount of time but its entirely dedicated to photography. If you book a Glow session and add on the paint you will have the additional benefit of shots of you before the paint goes on so you’ll end up with many more images to choose from.

Ready to book? Want more information on Glow Sessions?

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