‘Welcome Earthside’ newborn photography sessions

If you’re reading this Congratulations are probably in order ~ either you’re expecting a little miracle, planning to expect a little miracle or you’ve just recently welcomed a little miracle to the light. Either way congratulations because your life is about to change in the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring, often challenging but always rewarding ways (even if you’re just adding to your brood, more wonderful change is on the horizon).


Welcoming a new little person earthside as the Italians say, dare alla luce {to give to the light}, is a miracle every time, something we know intimately at Art for Life while orientating ourselves around the the birth of new babies. The Welcome Earthside Newborn Session is designed to create an experience for your family to share, from which we will craft the most important images in your entire lives. Little people grow before your eyes, so fast in fact the newborn age lasts only 10 days! That’s only 10 days in which baby is still sleepy and squishy and their absolute tiniest. Typically these sessions last 3 hours and there are several phases to the session including; individual images of baby, family photos in combinations and any other special things we decide on. These sessions can be as natural or posed as you like and this is discussed during the styling process. You can also choose an in-home ‘lifestyle’ newborn session if that reflects you more. Let me know if you’d like to know more about these sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What can we expect from the Welcome Earthside Newborn Session?” That’s the most common question expecting parents want to know. Along with “What do we wear?” and “What do we bring?” So this is one is for you expectant parents who would like to book a session or have booked a session and want to know what’s next.

Before your session:

  • If you have any special requests including posing/retouching it’s always good to communicate prior to the session or on arrival on the day
  • Special props can be included especially blankets, bring them along but unless they are extremely important they may not end up in the final images
  • Keeping baby awake/disturbing their routine is a good thing for your images – we want them to be tired and ready to feed on arrival if at all possible, your travel to the studio space will help with this. A baby ready to be fed on arrival is the easiest baby to manage and therefore our chances for beautiful images are maximised

During your session:

  • Typically Welcome Earthside sessions take 3 hours and involve at least two phases; group shots and individual poses of baby. During the baby poses, parents are welcome to watch the magic with a cup of tea and feet up. From time to time you may be called on to do something but it’s otherwise a wonderful experience to watch
  • If your baby uses a dummy please have that handy through the session
  • Being prepared to demand feed through the session is paramount to a successful session. Even if it’s not something you would normally do, being willing to do it for this session will definitely give us more opportunities for posing and that means more images for you

After your session:

  • At least one ‘sneak peek’ image will usually go up on social media promptly after your session, either the same day or the next day. Not all sessions make it to social media depending on time factors but sometimes up to 3 images will make it there
  • An online gallery will be created for you from which you can make your package decision and select your images to print. It will take approximately 10 days for your gallery to be ready however this can vary dependent on work load
  • Printed images can take up to a couple of weeks to go to print, return, and go out to you

What to wear:

  • Complimentary colours and patterns, as well as subtle tones are best for making baby the hero of the images
  • Keep in mind that the studio is maintained at a very high temperature (for baby) so you may want to factor that into your clothing selection for the images
  • Bring a change of clothes!!! This is not a drill!!! Babies that get squished up in posing and moved around and fed on demand will often be an endless source of ‘present giving,’ so be prepared for the likelihood that a change of clothes may be required

Parent Checklist for sessions:

  • Come prepared for an average 3 hour session for your Welcome Earthside session. If you have older siblings for bub, an additional adult is required so that mum/dad can be available throughout the entire session. It is important for the studio space to be quiet throughout the session, especially for a fussy bub
  • Both mother and father will have their hands included in close-up shots. If you would like them to be clean/trimmed, please ensure this is done before you arrive on the day
  • Suggestions are welcomed and your happiness and comfort is the priority at all times. The only studio rule in return is that mobile phone use is prohibited in the studio. Out of professional courtesy you will be asked to keep your phone on silent and away during your session. If you need to answer calls or send messages you will be welcome to do that outside the studio space – your assistance with this is greatly appreciated

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