About the Artist

"And from the Chaos of Her soul

                there flowed Beauty"

         ~ Louise Alexandra Erskine

All art begins with just the spark of an idea, and passion ~

Hi there...

The important things to know about me straight up - if its a choice between chips and chocolate I'll go for the Maltesers every time. I embrace my awkwardness - you're probably going to laugh, and my first word was 'pretty' which says a lot about me. Three traits I admire the most: empathy, compassion + courage. I believe that happiness is an emotion, not a goal. And my favourite place is something to eat, so I love to be anywhere the food is delish!

A Brisbane born artist + photographer, a devoted wife and mother of three daughters, a lover of love and the ultimate romantic at heart, I want to hear all about you and your unique love story whether its brand new love, family love or something in between... and I want to tell it authentically ~ we'll be sharing your beautiful memories and I will hold your hand or your dress or your child whenever you need me, I'll stand back and quietly document the intimate thread of your story, and in the end we'll feel like friends.

“photography is telling heart stories with images”

I feel privileged to do what I do; to be a part of the memory creating experience is humbling every time.   My career in photography began with a spark of a dream and was inspired by my own personal love stories, and is the reason I get out of bed smiling every day.  I'm an experienced, formally trained photographer and I've been in your 'wedding shoes' before so to speak :) so from bride to bride and mother to mother you know that I understand.  I feel like I'm living my own personal dream and I want to share your love story with the world in colour, black and white, and intimate moments, that will be remembered in my images long after the details are forgotten.

 So let's chat... drop me a line and say "Hi..."

Natasha Thaesler BCom DipPhoto

Owner | Principal Photographer
Diploma of Photo Imaging – CATC Design School
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) – University of Newcastle

About Art for Life Photography

est. 2012


Art for Life Photography is a home-based studio space in Wellington Point, QLD. One of the most important elements of the professional photography experience is feeling comfortable, and there’s no place better to create a relaxed, private, elegant environment than a studio space crafted with love in a home. Beautiful locations regularly used for outdoor experiences in nature stretch from Northern NSW to the Sunshine Coast QLD, but the world is literally the oyster and travelling far and wide is always possible.


Studio hours are week days 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday for in-studio photography.


Client satisfaction is always the first priority, so to avoid disappointment please read these booking tips:

·      The ideal time for maternity sessions is between 32 and 34 weeks while mama is comfortable enough and feels her belly is big enough to make a statement

·      The ideal time for newborn sessions is within the first ten days while baby is still sleepy, squishy and so very tiny

·      Only very limited bookings are available for ‘birth photography’ so that reasonable assurances can be provided to families

·      Location sessions are usually booked for afternoons in the hour leading up to sunset, or very early mornings

·      Weekend dates are extremely limited and while it may be possible to secure a last minute booking (so always get in touch to ask anyway), in peak times Art for Life can be booked up to eight weeks in advance – SO BOOKING EARLY IS ESSENTIAL where possible!


“Art to treasure for life”

Film by Art for Life Photography

My Favorite Things

The Art for Life Philosophy


With artistry and storytelling in mind, the focus at Art for Life Photography is on experience; your experience, the experience and our experience together and the way these moments will last in your images for life. Spending time together creating and capturing portraits of the people you love should be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience that is creatively told in a story of images. From the moment you get in touch, through to your professional photography session and beyond the delivery of your memories, the goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable time with you that is much more than just a photo shoot.

One of the most rewarding things about being a photographer is being able to tell love stories over time, seeing wonderful Art for Life families time and again to document milestones is at the very heart of what drives Art for Life Photography. To be woven into the fabric of your story with artistic documentation of your memories is always touching, and this little business is grateful to have so many long relationships with Art for Life families. Art for Life services are constantly evolving to continue to be there with you to capture the way you are in that moment for keepsakes that you will treasure for life, and that your children can keep even longer.

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