‘Glow Maternity’ Photography

Glow sessions for Preglets are all about the magical time that a woman experiences when she is bringing new life into the world.  These sessions are styled around your loveliness and your precious bump.

This is the Art for Life Photography guide to Glow Pregnancy Sessions with your creative visual artist and new friend.  When you book a pregnancy session with me, you will be receiving a wealth of knowledge, artistry and love, which will be used to design and style a fun and feminine session with your belly that reflects who you are, documents your unique and exciting experience, and in the end results in stunning images of you that feel like a dream.  Some women feel absolutely glowing when they’re pregnant, others may not but in every preglet there is a glowing goddess. My goal is to capture this, and to encourage the glow out of the many other women who just don’t feel ‘beautiful’ while their body is under transformation.  It’s a process, and if you choose me to be your photographer and story-teller you will walk away from our time together surprised by how much you (and your partner who is always invited) enjoyed it – that’s the testimony I pride myself on most, and one of the best things my clients regularly say about me.

What does a Glow Pregnancy professional photography session look like?

It will be a combination of your ideas and my story-telling… if you see yourself in casual clothes walking along the beach, that’s exactly what we will do.  If you see yourself in a flowing dress in a field with flowers in your hair, that’s exactly what we will do.  If you have absolutely no idea, that’s great too… I will ask you enough of the right questions and we will create something from scratch.

Combination Studio + Location sessions are also available and involve coming to my comfortable studio space to create those intimate photographs or ‘dream scene’ images that require a controlled environment. We will move to another location to create the type of outdoor images that require stunning scenery and soft sunlight.

It could be a session just for you, or you might wish for your partner to be involved, and children are always welcome.  This session is for you and you will be given the option to choose between studio and location, or a combination of both, with or without other people. It always comes back to what you desire.

Your questions are always encouraged and I look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Natasha x


Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to book my Glow Pregnancy Session?

The best time for your session is between 32 and 34 weeks, this allows us to do your session before you become uncomfortable and before babies tend to arrive early.  It’s best to book your session as far in advance as possible to secure the date you would prefer, especially if you are hoping for a weekend date. I will do my best to accomodate regardless, but the closer to the date you require the dates will become more scarce.

How do I prepare my hair and makeup?

It depends whether you prefer to do it yourself or have someone else do it for you… Many women do their own hair and makeup and just as many others see professionals. I would say that it’s a great time to pamper yourself and do something that will instantly make you feel more beautiful for your session. If you don’t have a professional hair and makeup artist in mind, I have beautiful contacts who provide their services for a fee.

My husband doesn’t like photos and I have two small children, how do I include them?

This is very common!  Whatever your family looks like we can cater for it and this is where experience makes all the difference.  We will discuss your desires and family in detail it order to work out exactly where and when to have the session so that we can get a balance of photos of you, your belly and the people in your life.

What do I wear?

Once we confirm a booking I will begin a styling process that will determine the answer to this question. It could be as simple as you wearing something comfortable you have already, alternatively I may have options that suit your needs already in the form of specialised maternity dresses, or it may be that you want to buy something unique and specific for your shoot and there are a number of options if that’s the case.  It all happens during that fun and crucial styling process so rest assured we will discuss this in detail.

Studio sessions: as a basic guide for studio sessions it’s recommended that you bring a white or nude bra and knickers set and a strapless bra option in nude, some people like to bring a black set as well. Bring along hubby’s shirt or an oversized mans shirt if that interests you, and a flowing dress option for variation.

Location sessions: as a basic guide for location sessions I will bring along the specialised maternity options but it’s always good to come wearing another option, a flowing dress or tight fitted its up to you.

Where partners and children are included the main thing is to wear complimentary colours/patterns, so nothing that clashes, or not to have one person wearing something brighter or more dramatic as they will stand out. Unless that’s what you want 🙂

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