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What does the most romantic day of your life look like?

Walking in sunlit fields, or sand in your toes, great wide open spaces or forest trees… there are so many decisions involved when you design the wedding that reflects your love. Your dream wedding involves many elements coming together, whether it’s a small intimate elopement, or a day filled with many loved ones, the decisions you make along the way are important. One of the biggest decisions is the way you want to remember the coming together of all of those significant details and the way you want to document the experience… After you drive off into your honeymoon as newlyweds, you will be left with memories, and those memories will be physically embodied in the images we take. So it’s a big deal! This is at the forefront of my mind for every single wedding that I am privileged to be a part of. My priority is to tell the story of your wedding day with grace, authenticity, and tenderness. To create images that you can look back on and cherish, for life, and that your children can cherish for theirs. I’m so much more than a photographer for my couples… From the very first contact, we are in it together. The wealth of knowledge and experience I have of a wedding day is yours in any way you need it… I’ve been a bride, a guest, and of course the photographer. So whether you need advice on vendors, general wedding advice, or photography specific information, you can always get in touch and ask me.
“So from bride to bride you know I understand…”
Whatever your wedding looks like, however big or small, one thing that’s true for every wedding day is that there will be a schedule; a run sheet, timetable, day plan. Your wedding day storytelling will form a part of that plan, but will also have its very own schedule: the photography run sheet. These two plans ideally need to be developed at the same time. When my brides are planning their schedules we will be communicating back and forth to ensure there’s enough time allowed to get the important elements of the day covered, and where possible to generate extra time for beautiful image making moments. The wedding day photography is divided into four elements: the preparation, the ceremony, the portraits and the reception. Each stage of your wedding day requires a minimum amount of time to allow your photography to be captured to standard. Once you book your wedding we will discuss this from the outset so that you can factor it into your timeline. Along the way we will continue to communicate to ensure that I can deliver the highest quality imaging for you. If you continue reading, on you can learn about the wedding day from your photographer’s perspective.
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I tell stories with your memories, and for my brides the story starts with intimate getting ready moments and ends during the reception. It’s for that reason the Art for Life Photography Wedding Package is a complete end to end service. You can find the package over here at: Art for Life Wedding Photography

the wedding planning from our perspective
There are so many important things for you to organise and remember on your special day, so my goal is to be one less thing you have to worry about… We will discuss the timing of your day and confirm a photography timeline so that my second shooter and I will be exactly where we need to be when we need to be there.

your wedding day photography timeline
Your Wedding Day Photography Timeline is based on the timing schedule of your wedding day, and includes our movements over the day. It will clearly detail where we intend to be and when we intend to be there. We will negotiate the details so that it fits your plan and reflects what we are able to achieve. We will discuss this at the time of booking, and again around 6 weeks out from your wedding. This details should be agreed as possible so that you can focus on other important final wedding planning. We are flexible however, so if plans change let me know and we can change with you.

two photographers
At Art for Life Photography having a second shooter on the day is a integral part of the experience as this talented professional works in tandem with the primary professional taking different angles and providing immeasurable assistance. It’s a way to ensure that all of the important shots are taken and in addition there is an added creative element to the storytelling of your day.

considerations to keep in mind
We will work in with the timing of your day, however keep in mind there may be factors which will impact on what we can achieve. Some of these factors are: time (traveling between locations for photos), time of day/weather (we are limited by the light conditions at the time of photographing), your photography needs (if you have a long list of family photos for example, that should be factored into the timing or we will lose time on the day for your couples session). For example, if you wish to have your newlywed couple portraits at sunset with golden light specific timing is required.

Remember. Your wedding day is unique. There is no right way to plan your wedding, this is a guide to let you know what to consider and how you can help us to meet your expectations and the quality that we expect to deliver.

wedding day timing
No two weddings are the same, but most ‘full day’ weddings look like this:

Getting Ready: We begin the day with photos of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready and then head off to the groom and groomsmen. It’s important to have the ‘details’ (veil, jewellery etc) of both the bride and the groom handy so that we can document those at this time. We require at least half an hour with each of the bridal parties, plus travel time between.

The Ceremony: We head over to the ceremony location to photograph and document it, the arrival of the groom’s party and then the bridal party. Following the bride’s arrival into the ceremony we photograph the ceremony. Allow for between 30 mins – 1.5 hours.

Formal Group & Family Portraits: This is a portrait session where we take a big group shot, then take portraits of the two families based on an agreed shot-list. This section and the next are the two parts of the day where we engage with you to ‘create’ photographs rather than simply documenting what we see in an unobtrusive way. Half an hour is the minimum requirement for this stage, if you have large families and/or a long list we need more time to be able to take the images.

Wedding Party & Newlywed Portraits: We usually take the bridal party to a location (sometimes separate from the ceremony and reception locations) to capture portraits of combinations, ending in a private session with just the bride and groom. This is your first real moment alone together as man and wife so this is the time to take a breath, have stunning photographs taken and enjoy the moment. 1 hour is a good amount of time, but 2 hours would be amazing!

The Reception: After the portrait session is over we head off to the reception where we resume photographically documenting the formalities (your arrival, speeches, first dance, father/daughter dance cutting the cake, every wedding is different but these are some examples) and finally, the start of the party. This is the end of the evening for us and we leave you as man and wife! We usually leave after all of the formal elements of the evening have concluded, around half an hour after the dancing begins so we can close out the day with a few fun shots, but nothing too intoxicated…

Here is an ‘ideal’ wedding timeline for you to consider with a winter wedding of 60 guests, 3 bridesmaids and groomsmen, at a venue where the bride and groom are getting ready at the same place as the ceremony:

  • 6am – prep begins (with makeup artist)
  • 11.30am – photographer arrives to groomsmen
  • 12.30pm – photographer arrives to bride
  • 1.30pm – groomsmen arrive at the ceremony location
  • 2pm – wedding ceremony
  • 3pm – family portraits
  • 3.30pm – bridal party leaves for portrait session
  • 6pm – bridal party entrance to reception
  • 6.15pm – entree served
  • 6.30 – first speeches
  • 7pm – main served
  • 7.15pm – second speeches
  • 8pm – cake cutting and dessert served with cake
  • 8.30pm – first dance followed by father/daughter dance
  • 9.30pm – garter/bouquet toss
  • 10pm – farewell circle/exit with sparklers (or mock exit for photographs)

Here is the associated photography timeline (10.5 hours):

  • 11.30am – photographer arrival for groomsmen (mock getting ready)
  • 12.30pm – photographer arrival forgetting ready images (details, mock: getting in dress, lipstick)
  • 1.45pm – photographer arrival at ceremony for detail shots of the venue and reception
  • 2pm – wedding ceremony
  • 3pm – family portraits
  • 3.30pm – bridal party leaves for portrait session (bridal party, newlyweds)
  • 6pm – bridal party entrance to reception
  • 6.15pm – entree served
  • 6.30 – first speeches
  • 7pm – main served
  • 7.15pm – second speeches
  • 8pm – cake cutting and dessert served with cake
  • 8.20pm – set up for first dance shots
  • 8.30pm – first dance followed by father/daughter dance
  • 9.30pm – garter/bouquet toss
  • 9.45pm – bride and groom night shot
  • 10pm – farewell circle/exit with sparklers (or mock exit for photographs)

its all about the little things
Some of the things we like to document on the day are the little things that the bride and groom wear, these are often the precious things that get forgotten later, so to ensure we don’t miss anything it’s a good idea to have them handy for us on the day – brides this means letting the groom know what to have handy for us when we get there… Some of those precious little things include:

Bride ~ veil, jewellery, perfume, shoes, rings, hair piece, handkerchief, ‘something blue’, flowers

Groom ~ cuff links, cologne, bow tie/tie, shoes

Let us know of anything else that has value to you let us know on the day and those things will be captured.

what happens after your special day
After the words of love are said and the flow of champagne has come to an end, your beautiful wedding day lives forever as a memory… and the work behind the scenes begins, turning your raw wedding photograph files into edited pieces of art.

the first step…
Before any much needed sleep happens, the files from day will be uploaded and backed up for safe keeping. Then we rest.

sorting, selecting & editing…
Thousands of images are taken on your wedding day and the first process in the back end is to go through every single image and select the photos for editing – it’s important to understand that from a significant amount of the many photos taken are multiples, re-takes and test shots, so these will not make your final gallery. The final images selected for your gallery will be the best of every shot and the emphasis is on quality over quantity, however I will always endeavour to give you all the photos that are available from the day that meet quality standards. Your package includes a particular time allowance on editing and processing, and the images will reflect the Art for Life style, however additional re-touching is available for an additional charge. I want you to be blissfully happy with the images you receive so please touch base with me if you have particular re-touching desires.

your wedding day photography delivery…
The time-frame for delivery of your photographs depends on the time of year, however 8 weeks is a good estimate.

Some frequently asked questions

Can I build my own package if I want less hours?
If you are having an elopement or registry we can definitely discuss a tailored package so feel free to ask any of those questions. To deliver the kind of storytelling that Art for Life is known for, 8 hours is usually a required timeframe for any other wedding so the Art for Life Photography Wedding Package is the best way to ensure your day is covered for the minimum expectation while still providing options for more time.

Can the second shooter spend the morning with the groom so that the primary shooter can spend the morning with the bride?
Every photography business has their own ‘way’ of approaching the wedding day. At Art for Life the primary and secondary professionals are a team and for that reason we generally don’t do split mornings, however please let us know if there are extenuating circumstances which you think may warrant this.

How long will it take to receive my album?
Albums take time to put together, once you have received your gallery of images I will ask you to make a favourite selection. Up to 3 drafts of your album are included in the purchase price. Once we have finalised and sent to print it will take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

How long will it take to receive my client package?
Depending on the package you purchase, you may receive your package all at once, or you may receive your USB in advance and your wall mounts, enlargements etc. at a later date. These time-frames will be continually communicated to you.

Are these all the photos from the day?
Your gallery will include all of the images from your day that meet quality standards. Professional and creative judgement is used to select the best images where multiple versions were taken. If two versions tell a story, both will be included. Sometimes a shot will be taken that doesn’t turn out for many reasons and if this happens that shot will not be included.

I love this photo but I don’t like (something) in the shot, would it be possible to have that edited out?
Absolutely. Every image will be personally optimised within the time frame of the package you purchased, however additional retouching is available and starts at $150 an hour. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your wedding day photography even better.

Can I purchase prints, enlargements or products after we have received our client package?
Your wedding photographs should be displayed, not just put in a folder on your computer for thinking about later. Displaying your photos on high quality substrates with long lasting and true-to-life colours is paramount in my opinion, so I encourage you to discuss options and ideas with me at any time throughout or after the process. Seeing your favourite image enlarged on acrylic or canvas, and your day designed into an album is the experience I want for every client – so yes, please get in touch!

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